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Staff Leasing

We Have Created irresistible 


When additional employees are needed, but you do not want to or are unable to hire them permanently, ITtude can help!

We serve as the employer for payroll and tax purposes while employees perform work at your company. We employ people worldwide, so you do not have to worry about complying with laws in multiple places. This service is provided for a certain job completion, project, or long-term employment.

THIS is right for you when:

You want world class talent on your team NOW!
Your company is not interested in setting up a local business
You are a start up and do not have many employees
You want to hire without hassle – we take care of payroll, taxes, benefits, employment laws
You have a temporary project and would need people for a short period of time
You want to tailor your staffing according to needs, budget and not to worry about hiring, firing, and all the music that goes with it
You want your projects to start on time!
You do not need extra administrative work
You need to cover temporary needs, overload, or shortage
You want to save money
Outsourcing the whole payroll as a service creates a better business environment and confidentiality. Instead of hiring a payroll manager, recruiters, HR specialists and accountants you hire ITtude
You need better HR quality through better organized management and administration
You have the time to focus on things that are important