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Let us train your recruiters so you can fill any positions now!

Effective employee acquisition is the most essential aspect of successful organizational performance. We provide comprehensive training and structuring of your recruiting team to fully respond to the fast-paced labor environment.

Completely empowered and skilled recruiting team that satisfies the very specific workforce acquisition needs of your organization is the end result that ITtude is about to deliver.

own the process
Beyond Recruiting®
8×3 – 8 weeks, 3 hours per week
Online program adjusted to the expertise level of each recruiter
Q&A sessions provided by experts in field every week
Pre and post evaluation of each recruiter based on progress, personal development, and tips for workforce enhancement
FREE Recruitment process optimization for the company
Weekly assignments with feedback
Elite Fast Track®
Beyond Recruiting® Package
4×4 – 4 days 4 hours training
30 mins 1-1 session with each recruiter daily
Shadowing on the first 4 interviews with generous feedback, tips, tricks and how to improve at the next interview, red flags, and candidate evaluation
BONUS 30 mins meeting with each recruiter after the interviews for final brain picking and detailed feedback on their performance as a whole
Guaranteed efficiency increase for 30-90%