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DBA Specialist

Who you are?
You are a highly motivated individual eager to learn and share knowledge
You have an in-depth understanding of DevOps and CI/CD
You favor a focused approach to getting things done and prefer a quality-conscious way of
software development

You have the ability to work independently or with a group
Proactive vision and suggestions for eliminating weak points of the system
You have strong problem-solving, verbal, and written communication skills
You have working experience in an agile environment.

Job Responsibilities
Responsible for building, testing and maintaining the infrastructure and tools to allow for the
speedy development, release and support of software in production
Building and setting up new development tools and infrastructure
Working on ways to automate and improve development, release and support processes for
Ensuring that systems are safe and secure against cybersecurity threats
Identifying technical problems and developing updates and ‘fixes’
Working with software developers to ensure that development follows established
processes and works as intended
Continuously enhance monitoring and alerting and focus on symptoms and not on outages
Participate in post incident reviews, document findings and automate self healing jobs to
reduce MTTR
Implement integrations requested by customers
Design procedures for system troubleshooting and maintenance
Design, build and maintain DevOps infrastructure, with usability and agility in mind
Build tools & services to automate the deployment and testing of our software.
System builds and configuration, application releases and automation, from development
through to production systems.
Set up and run automated testing infrastructure to verify products, services and components
working toward continuous delivery.
Work with development teams to ensure that new products, services or components are
delivered to the appropriate levels of operational quality within the defined sprint cycles.
Deploy robust pipelines to enable developers to build and test releases before they are
promoted to production.

What we expect?
Experience with cloud platforms (e.g. Google Cloud – preferred, Azure, AWS)
Experience with container technology tools and resources (e.g. Docker, Kubernetes, Docker
Swarm, etc)
Full understanding of concepts around CI/CD and previous experience in setting up such
Experience in DevOps automation tools (e.g Terraform, Ansible, ArgoCD, etc)
Experience with deploying and managing kubernetes apps using a packaging deployment as
Helm charts
Programming experience with shell and scripting languages like Bash, Python, Perl,
Strong understanding of system and networking concepts and troubleshooting techniques
Experience with agile planning, deployment, integration, test/validation, and configuration
custom software across multiple DevOps tooling platforms
Experience with modern monitoring/observability systems like Elasticsearch, Kibana, ELK,
Prometheus, InfluxDB
Strong practical administration skills in Public and Private Cloud environments
Good problem-solving and troubleshooting skills

Knowledge of SCM (Git, Github, Gitlab, etc).

Considered a Plus
Experience with Java development
Experience with SQL and relational databases like PostgreSQL
Experience with REST, micro-services orchestration
Knowledge of messaging brokers like PubSub/Kafka/RabbitMQ /Nats
Experience in Agile development methodologies (SCRUM)
Experience with JIRA software

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